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Klein, Gehring.

The Secret Comedy of Women

Though on the cover of the playbill for The Secret Comedy of Women — currently being performed at the Huntington Beach Library Theater through October 16 — it says “Girls Only,” this show is […]

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The Professor and the Madman

In 1998 it was published as a book, originally titled The Surgeon of Crowthorne, by Simon Winchester. When it was published in the United States, the title was changed to “The Professor and […]

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Elvis and Nixon

In what has been humorously referred to as a docu-comedy, the 2016 film Elvis and Nixon, featuring Michael Shannon as the former and Kevin Spacey as the latter, reached movie theaters, and though it’s a largely forgotten movie, Elvis and Nixon gets […]

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The Influencers: Buster Keaton

Along with Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton was seminal among silent film actors. What’s more, like Lloyd, Keaton was a courageous stunt performer. In 1996, “Entertainment Weekly” rated Keaton […]

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All That Jazz

It’s been two years since live theater closed curtains. During this period of no staged drama, musicals, or comedy, we were relegated to the confines of late-night television comedians, sans in-person audiences. During this time of quarantine and pandemic […]

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Lucy and Desi

With Aaron Sorkin’s drama exploring one challenging week in the lives of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in Being the Ricardos and the Amy Poehler directed documentary, Lucy and Desi (both currently streaming on Amazon Prime), the breakthrough […]

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“A Bastard Immigrant, son of a whore” — this is the unflattering but accurate  description of one of this country’s most brilliant founders, Alexander Hamilton, who became the nation’s first […]