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Buddy--The Buddy Holly Story

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February 3, 1959 has entered rock 'n roll history as "The day the music died." That was the day that 22 year-old songster Charles Hardin (Buddy) Holly, along with fellow musicians Ritchie Valens, J.P. Richardson (aka, the Big Bopper) and the pilot Roger Peterson, died in an airplane crash while on a concert tour in the Midwest. That incident is immortalized in Don McLean's 1971 hit song, "American Pie."


Dixie's Tupperware Party

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Outrageous and audacious, Dixie Longate hosts her very special Tupperware party in the Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater at the GeffenPlayhouse. As the audience enters, Dixie herself greets each patron with a nametag to wear and the tantalizing hint that there may be a payback for wearing one. Once that task is completed, she bounds onto the stage in her three-inch heels, throws her arms up in the air, and calls for the fun to begin.


Jack Lemmon Returns

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In 2006, Chris Lemmon penned a memoir, A Twist of Lemmon. It’s a tribute to his father, Jack Lemmon. Eight years henceforth, the younger Lemmon has collaborated with Hershey Felder, a prolific playwright, musician, actor, and director. Adapting the memoir into a solo show, and starring Chris as his late father, was something that came rather naturally to Felder. After all, Felder has written and starred in several biographically based monodramas himself, including George Gershwin Alone, Monsieur Chopin, Beethoven, As I Knew Him, and The Making of a Maestro: Bernstein.


The Fantasticks

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Edmond Rostand’s 1894 play The Romancers (Les Romanesques) was the inspiration for Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones’ musical The Fantasticks. (Rostand’s conceit was itself a convolution of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.) The Fantasticks premiered Off-Broadway in 1960 and ran for 17,162 performances, that’s  42 years – making it the longest-playing musical in the history of the world. With memorable and hummable songs such as Try to Remember, Plant a Radish, and Round and Round, The Fantasticks was recognized with a Tony Award in 1991 for Excellence in Theatre.



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PEN/MAN/SHIP by Christina Anderson is a new play being presented at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco under the direction of Ryan Guzzo Purcell. Anderson's tale presents a world-of-the-play with well-defined characterizations, historical and social symbolism, interesting ironies, contrasting imageries, and challenging points-of-view.


Beauty and the Beast

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The timeless quality of the story of a young girl who falls in love with a beast spans time and geography, so it is no wonder it has been the subject of fairy tales, novels, and theater worldwide. Musical Theatre West, having finally been given permission from Disney to produce its award-winning show, has gathered a strong cast with the signature sounds required to emulate Disney's best.


Flim Flam: Houdini and the Hereafter

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"I…devoted…time and thought to this illusion…. it was…trickery. I devised it to show…what can be done along these lines…do not jump to the conclusion that… things you see are…‘supernatural,’ or the work of ‘spirits,’ just because you cannot explain them." -- Harry Houdini to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

It is the summer of 1922, and Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are investigating psychic mediums for the Scientific American committee. Their collegiality becomes challenged, however, when Conan Doyle advocates on behalf of an attractive and alluring psychic, claiming that she is the real deal. Houdini is dogged in his efforts to demonstrate that she is a fraud; that is, until she appears to connect with Houdini’s beloved mother from beyond the grave. Now Houdini must confront his own thinking about life-after-life.


The Country House

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Most of the appeal of this Donald Margulies play is in the upper-crust Berkshires home this family of actors has created. The ceiling doesn’t leak during summer downpours, the doors and windows remain open because no baddies are around to pilfer or maim, and the highest level of anxiety its members confess, at least openly, is the difficulty in memorizing lines for their Williamstown Theatre Festival starring roles. What Halcyon days.


The Love List

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Norm Foster is a Canadian Playwright whom critics have compared, favorably or unfavorably, to America’s own Neil Simon. And if Foster’s 2003 comedy The Love List is any indication, Foster’s feel for the funny-bone is just as acute as ole Doc Simon’s. The proof lays in the laughter emitted from the audience – evoked by Foster’s cleverly-written script and the exquisitely-timed acting now on display in Theatre 40’s lush production of The Love List.


Elvis '68

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Elvis Presley was a social and cultural phenomenon. His swiveling hips, magnetic charisma, and intuitive gift for rhythm, Blues, and Gospel made him a major musical innovator and earned him the title of the King of Rock ‘n Roll. But after The Beatles’ meteoric rise and the British Invasion, the sixties seem to belong to another sort of musical entertainer.

Then came 1968, a year of turmoil – the Vietnam War was raging, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy were each assassinated, and there was riotous upheaval at  Chicago’s Democratic Convention. But also it was the year of artistic reinvention for the groundbreaking and uniquely American entertainer once praised and often condemned as Elvis the Pelvis.

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Center Theatre Group Announces the 11th Season at the Kirk Douglas

2014-2015 Douglas Season is Jam-Packed with 10 Exciting Events

David Mamet’s Explosive “Race”

The Goodman Theatre’s World Premiere Production of Rebecca Gilman’s “Luna Gale”

A ‘Remix’ of Culture Clash’s Popular “Chavez Ravine”

Todd Almond’s and Matthew Sweet’s Musical Charmer “Girlfriend” and DouglasPlus Presentations –

The World Premiere of “Forever” by Dael Orlandersmith

Lucy Alibar’s Work in Progress “Throw Me on the Burnpile and Light Me Up”

The U.S. Premiere of Gob Squad’s “Western Society”

World Premiere Production of Jessica Blank and Eric Jensen’s “How to be a Rock Critic”

“Facing Our Truth: Ten-Minute Plays on Trayvon, Race and Privilege”


CTG’s Los Angeles Company Partnership Presentation of

the 24th Street Theatre’s Special Family Show “Walking the Tightrope”


[The New Season Begins July 13, 2014, and Runs Through August 9, 2015.]

Center Theatre Group Artistic Director Michael Ritchie has set the 11th season at the CTG/Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City.

In a jam-packed season of exciting work – from widely varied voices and at every level of development – the 2014-2015 season at the Kirk Douglas Theatre will include four powerful mainstage productions, five lively DouglasPlus productions and readings, and a critically acclaimed show for families and people of all ages.

“We start the mainstage season with David Mamet and his tinderbox of a play ‘Race’ and continue with the Goodman Theatre’s world premiere production of Rebecca Gilman’s smart and absorbing ‘Luna Gale,’” said Ritchie. “L.A.’s very own Culture Clash will bring to the Douglas a new version of their popular ‘Chavez Ravine,’ followed by Matt Almond and Matthew Sweet’s charmer of a musical ‘Girlfriend.’”

“DouglasPlus presentations are interwoven through the entire season,” said Ritchie.  “A five-year-old CTG program, DouglasPlus provides us with the flexibility to explore new work and push boundaries. We have developed and presented many  stimulating pieces through DouglasPlus, and that tradition certainly continues with this season.

“Dael Orlandersmith returns to us with the world premiere of her startling show ‘Forever,’ and we welcome the engaging voice of Lucy Alibar with her work in progress ‘Throw Me on the Burnpile and Light Me Up.’ Season ticket holders will have a chance to choose one of these two as part of their subscription.”

“Two other DouglasPlus presentations are subscription bonus options,” said Ritchie, “the U.S. premiere of Gob Squad’s absurdist ‘Western Society’ and the world premiere production of Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen’s passionate ‘How to be a Rock Critic.’

“This July, DouglasPlus gives us a chance to reflect on the Trayvon Martin case and all of its ramifications when we present both “Facing Our Truth: Ten-Minute Plays on Trayvon, Race and Privilege” and the youth summit associated with it.”

Hollywood Fringe Festival Opens Today

Festival Kicks Off After Record-Breaking Preview Weekend

Hollywood, CA-- The fifth annual Hollywood Fringe Festival opens today after a week of previews that topped previous ticketing records for the festival. The festival has already sold over 50% more tickets than this time last year, which translates to over $85,000 through the festival's site alone (many more have been sold at the door of individual performances). Festival organizers expect to break more records as the month progresses.

The Festival officially kicked off last night when more than eight hundred people gathered at the noir-themed Opening Night Party at the Dragonfly Lounge. Fringe will host several more themed parties throughout the month at the festival's social space, Fringe Central, which opens tonight at 5pm.

Fringe Central hosts nightly free programming on the Cabaret stage, food trucks and libations at Bryan's Bar. The venue is also the home of the festival's main Box Office where patrons can buy Fringe merchandise and tickets for all shows in the festival. Fringe Central opens at 5pm on weekdays and 2pm on weekends and is 18+ only.

The 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival runs today, June 12th, through Sunday, June 29th. The festival will conclude with an Award Ceremony and Closing Night Party at Fringe Central. The awards are community-voted by "Fringers" who purchase tickets or write reviews on the Fringe's website. Past award winners have been granted extended national runs, publication and other successes as a result of their Fringe accomplishments. 

Key Festival Dates

June 12th-29th- 5th Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival

June 18th- Fringe Rocks! at Fringe Central

June 25th- B.C. Prom at Fringe Central

June 29th- Fringe Award Ceremony & Closing Night Party

Those seeking more information can contact the festival at or by visiting the website at There will also be daily releases on Fringe's YouTube Channel.

Follow @hollywoodfringe on Twitter, or become a fan of our facebook page.