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Netflix Review:Sex/Life

If hot and sexy is what you’re looking for but with a plot line more complex than a pizza delivery dude being seduced in the stereotypical tawdry porn film, then maybe you should […]

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Springsteen on Broadway

He’s back, on Broadway that is. As of June 26, 2021, Springsteen on Broadway is the first show to open (or in this case, to reopen) on Broadway. Though tickets are in […]

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Photo courtesy North Coast Rep

Becoming Dr. Ruth

For those of us who admire chameleon-like actors — Meryl Streep, Danial Day-Lewis, Kate Winslet, and the late James Whitmore, are all members of this disappear-into-their-character club of thespians — another one of these […]

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SB 805 Draws roster of Stars

An impassioned Josephina Lopez kicked off the press conference to pass SB 805, as it was languishing in the Appropriations Committee.  It has been an urgent matter to get the word […]