An Astonishing Play at EST/LA

Leigh Kennicott Reviews - Theater

Scientists know that space-time is more fluid than we think. If only we mere mortals could harness this energy, we might be able to change a few things in our pasts that we regret. And if we desire it enough---think about it just hard enough --- would it happen? That’s the premise of Lost In Time, the astonishing play at EST/LA by triple threat, Tony Pasqualini.

Danny (Kevin Comartin) is completely disoriented when he wakes up, not in his comfortable San Francisco home, but back at school with his rather dippy roommate, Robert (Andy Shephard). When he finally realizes he’s somehow transported back to his college years, he sets out to alter a few key, regrettable incidents in his life, by making different choices. Alas, nothing goes as planned. His future wife spurns him when he makes an early entrance in her life; his father dies unexpectedly, and, in a completely new development, his future sister-in-law becomes insistent that he should date her.

To execute this confounding story, Director Keith Szarabajka has gathered a cohesive cast of EST/LA actors. In addition to Comartin (also a co-artistic director) and guest Shephard, Tonya Cornelisse plays Amy, sister to Tarah Pollock as Gwen, Danny’s once-future wife. Set against a clever assemblage of theatrical elements (created by Amanda Knehans), the space-time fluidity of the performance can move quickly. Robert Merkl’s costume coordination must bridge the  --- what? Forty-year gap so that if Danny comes from today, all the costuming has to reflect the late 70s. Never fear: Stephen George’s delish sound track brings it all back to us while Brad Bentz handles the undemanding lighting requirements.

Does Danny manage to bring his life back around after turning his future on its head? I’ll leave it to your attendance at this can’t-miss play to see how all this gets sorted out.

Lost In Time continues weekends through June 10th; Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 P.M., Sundays at 2:00 P.M. at Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA, 3269 Casitas Ave., Atwater Village 90039. Reservations and tickets: $20 -17 (Students must show student ID at the door) at